Short version video for the award-winning song "Christmas Magic" by Barbara Graff



Full length video for Beginnings, a song written by Barbara Graff and featuring her piano. Inspirational and uplifting!

Inspiration is a Beautiful, dynamic composition written and performed by Barbara Graff, Copyright (c) 2018



"Blue Sky Chill" is an excerpt from "Blue Sky," a sunny, relaxing composition to brighten your day. From the "Beginnings" album.




 Bring me a Rainbow" is an enchanting, haunting, exotic blend of musical cabaret, New Age piano, jazz and pop. The song is about unrequited love, wanting someting you can't have and that was probably not meant to me. Words, music and arrangement by Barbara Graff. Featuring Barbara Graff's piano and Chloe Boelter's pure voice soaring over every note. Positively reviewed by Kathy Parsons of  From the "Into the Light" album.


In this video for "Raindrops" from the Pergola album,  the uplifting song expresses the beauty of rain...nurturing growing things, providing hydration, creating amazing scenery and most of all, adding complexity to the fabric of our lives. So, let it rain!



The song "Lifetime," from the "Pergola" album, chronicles generations of people, animals, and vegetation through the scattered ruins and vibrant surroundings of Grafton, a ghost town in Utah.




 "Magic Within" honors the magic within all of us and features beautiful scenery in Utah. It has been one of the most popular songs on the "Pergola" CD!




All the seasons of Utah,  shot beautifully by Ken Schreiner. From the mysterious, edgy song on Barbara's first album, "Second Act."




Relaxing beach photos from Michigan and Florida. 

Wishing you were on the beach?  This music will take you there now...along with other selections from "Second Act."




Barbara took these photos in Indy's Eagle Creek Park and at Cuba Preserve in Barrington IL. Enjoy the scenery while listening to gentle piano.

How pretty the change of seasons is in the Midwest...color bursting from the "Second Act" album.



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look inside Secret Beach Composed by Barbara Graff. Contemporary Classical, Modern, New Age. Sheet Music Single. 3 pages. Published by Calm Creek Music (S0.553747).