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Secret Beach is a wonderfully imaginative album and Barbara Graff must be pleased with her efforts, she has created several new songs, and manifested a wonderfully fluent musical narrative with which to deliver them with. Moments of reflection, emotion, calm, serenity and happiness can all be found here on an album that sparkles with vitality and positivity, an album well worth a recommendation. -Barbara Graff's new album, Secret Beach, May 2020 ” - Steve Sheppard, One World Music Radio

Steve Sheppard, One World Music Radio

Barbara's song placed on: Wayne Season I · E8 · CHAPTER EIGHT: "MUSTA BURNED LIKE HELL Livin' in the Sun BARB'S COUNTRY CROSSROADS Barbara Graff's pop-country song, "Livin' in the Sun" was included in a scene in the television show "Wayne" on YouTube Red (subscription television, similar to Netflix). Barbara released this song under her band name "Barb's Country Crossroads." You can listen to the song on this website, Spotify, and YouTube, as well as download or purchase from Amazon, Apple Music and CD Baby. Or, watch the episode on YouTube Red!    ” - Tune Find

Tune Find - Song placed on television

Beginnings By Barbara Graff Written By Steve Sheppard I have had many fascinating and unique albums land on my desk this year, it seems that artists are seeking to find uniqueness about their style and songs like never before, and I for one support that. I must say that Barbara Graff has brought something to my musical table that is incredibly unique, fun and listenable and I believe you will enjoy this as well. It’s time to be open and prepare for something more, let’s start with what is a classic 21st century pop song, one that contains superb vocals from singer Diane Chittester and is multi-instrumental in its overall nature, this would make an absolutely fantastic single, it is of course it is the proud opener, the title track Beginnings. This is Graff’s fourth album and this release has just about something for everyone, like the moving new age styled composition Inspiration, one of my personal favourites. The symphonic grandeur of Bring Me a Rainbow is a simple delight to bathe in as well, and the guitar joins the mix on the piece Blue Sky.  There is a real Midwestern slide guitar feel to the track By My Side that is quite charming and captivating, while a lively percussive beat raises the energies on the most powerful arrangement on the album entitled On My Own, a track that could with ease be used in a TV show. This is one of those albums that you just can’t stop listening to, there is a huge desire to know what comes next and in what style, even the solo piano lovers are catered for with the track Magic Within and the moving and deeply emotive Dancing Shadows, another personal favourite of mine. Two more renditions of the opening song end the album, with piano and pop versions of the title track Beginnings on offer to bring the release to a lively conclusion.  Beginnings by Barbara Graff is on the card for the most unique album of 2018 with ease, but apart from that, this is an album that really has to be listened to in depth with an open heart and mind, because what is contained within will entertain, enlighten, soothe, all in a thoughtful and positive energy, and will be guaranteed to leave you with a smile on your face and a warm sense happiness in your heart.” - Steve Sheppard

One World Music Radio

Secret Beach- Piano solo by Barbara Graff, review by Steve Sheppard of One World Music Radio: I was first attracted to this single by the art work contained within, I once dreamed of a place very similar to it and it captivated me, as did the music. Secret Beach is a fine example of explorative solo piano work, one that creates a narrative as it runs with the tide of the overall piece. This gentle but adventurous performance is addictive to listen to and creates a really peaceful vibe to delve into, one that perfectly draws us, the ever eager listener, down the footpath and onto the secret beech with a skilful ease of hand, and a delightful light-heartedness of spirit, one to recommend without doubt. ” - Steve Sheppard

One World Music Radio

Beginnings" is a collection of ten original songs, piano solos and instrumental pieces by pianist/composer Barbara Graff that are inspiring and uplifting with their positive messages of encouragement and hope. Several of the pieces have a driving rhythm that will get your toes tapping and head bobbing as they put a smile on your face. ” - Kathy Parsons

BEGINNINGS I was captivated by Barbara Graff's uplifting new album, "Beginnings." Enchanting and spiritual, I recommend it for anyone who wants to relax to beautiful music or brighten their day. Bravo! ---Jim Walsh, General Manager, WITT Radio” - Jim Walsh


    Kathy Parsons  Into the Light is a warm and uplifting listening experience designed to make your day a little brighter. It is available from Amazon, iTunes and CD Baby. Kathy Parsons 4/4/17” - Kathy Parsons

Into the Light" is Barbara's best CD yet! A wonderful collection of peaceful, beautiful piano solos and piano-based songs with lyrics, by creative composer and performer Barbara Graff. -Jim Walsh, General Manager, WITT Radio” - Jim Walsh


This Way (single)- Vocal version now called "Bring Me A Rainbow"- on this website under "Music" and "Songs with Lyrics." Instrumental version of "This Way" on this website under "Music" and "Instrumentals. Barbara Graff 2015 / Barbara Graff Music 5 minutes 9 seconds “This Way” is a piano and vocal piece by Barbara Graff that features the lovely vocals of Chloe Boelter. A sad and lonely story of unrequited love, the words are sung to an indifferent lover who refuses to be swayed by the passion of the singer, frequently causing her deep pain. The instrumental accompaniment is a spare piano part that expresses as much emotion as the words do. I especially like the piano solo near the end of the song. The song is currently available as a single, but Barbara Graff plans to include it on an EP to be released later in 2016. Graff is a classically-trained pianist from a young age and is a graduate of Loyola University in Chicago. She also holds a Masters degree from Northwestern University. Surrounded by music as she grew up,  Graff  reconnected with her musical roots in 2009 and has been writing and recording music with and without words ever since. “This Way” is available from Amazon, iTunes and CD Baby.   Kathy Parsons   12/17/15   Dancing Shadows (single) Barbara Graff 2015 / Barbara Graff Music 4 minutes 9 seconds “Dancing Shadows” is a lovely original piano solo by Barbara Graff that is currently available as a single. Moderately slow, soulful, and slightly mysterious, Graff plans to release it as part of an Adult Contemporary EP in late 2016. A classically-trained pianist from an early age, Graff is a graduate of Loyola University in Chicago and holds a Masters degree from Northwestern University. After growing up in a musical family, she reconnected with her musical roots in 2009 and has been writing and recording music with and without words ever since. “Dancing Shadows” is both relaxing and gently uplifting, so I’m anxious to hear more of Barbara Graff’s music in the near-future! This piece is available from Amazon, iTunes and CD Baby. Check it out!   Kathy Parsons  12/17/15   Christmas Magic (single)   Barbara Graff 2015/ Barbara Graff Music  3 minutes 57 seconds   “Christmas Magic” is a single vocal release from singer/songwriter/pianist Barbara Graff. A poignant song that celebrates new love as well as the Christmas holiday, it features the voice of Chloe Boelter. The background is a gentle mix of keyboard and strings that enhance the beauty of Boelter’s voice and allow the heartfelt lyrics be front and center. Telling a story of renewal and happiness, the warmth and tenderness of the song give it the potential to become a Christmas classic and is a welcome addition to the vast library of Christmas music. Out of more than 3000 submissions, “Christmas Magic” was selected as one of the top holiday songs of 2015 by Jango Radio. It is available for download from Amazon, iTunes, and CD Baby.  Kathy Parsons  12/17/15      ” - Kathy Parsons

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look inside Secret Beach Composed by Barbara Graff. Contemporary Classical, Modern, New Age. Sheet Music Single. 3 pages. Published by Calm Creek Music (S0.553747).