Blue Sky World/No Regrets EP's

Barbara Graff

"Blue Sky World" is a fun EP with the fun title song, and two other uplifting and moving songs. "No Regrets" is especially poignant and beautiful. Music and lyrics created by country songwriter Barbara Graff. Barbara is also a chart-topping pianist.

"No Regrets" is a heartfelt, moving song that you can imagine Tim McGraw, Eric Church, Cody Johnson or Zac Brown Band singing. In "No Regrets," as our lives progress, we realize how important family is and we often regret the mistakes we've made. Vocals by rising country singer Dustin Allen.

"Blue Sky World" is a fun, sing-along song about a woman who feels her relationship with her boyfriend is falling apart, while her boyfriend turns a blind eye to what is truly happening between them. Vocals by the talented Theresa Rose Riley.

"Begin Again" is a country version of the song that leads off Barbara's acclaimed and award-winning piano album, "Beginnings." The song is about believing in yourself and your dreams, and never giving up. Also sung by Theresa Rose Riley.

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